Digital LMS

If our district is making the move toward a digital curriculum, we will likely want to consider implementing a Learning Management System(LMS). An LMS is an online platform that enables the delivery of digital materials, resources, tools, and activities to students both in and out of the classroom environment. It allows teachers to offer tailored instruction that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere without geographic constraints.

With unique learning and design features, Learning Management Systems can be implemented for all users, teachers, and students at every grade level. Most Learning Management Systems contain a standard set of pre-packaged “tools” that are used to facilitate learning and discussion in an online environment. Some are used to foster communication and collaborative learning. Other tools, such as assessments and online grade books, are used to increase teacher productivity and track student performance.

In addition to the convenience of accessing the system “anytime/anywhere,” Learning Management Systems offer the convenience and support of a common system used by teachers, support staff, students, and parents.

cate Benefits

An LMS can be very useful for organizing and presenting digital content. If we are deciding whether or not our district should use an LMS, consider some other benefits.

cate Communication

LMS tools foster communication with students and parents outside of the classroom. This may include:

  • Discussion forums
  • Real-time messaging
  • Videoconferencing
  • E-mail
  • Announcement posts

cate Accessibility

Web-based Learning Management Systems are accessible to all students and teachers regardless of their location or time of day. Teachers aren't constrained to "College hours" to post assignments or important announcements, freeing up classroom time for learning.

cate Variety

Learning Management Systems support many types of digital files and curricula format. Students can learn the content through audio, video, photos, articles, and interactive simulations.

cate Collaboration

LMS tools foster student collaboration on group projects. Built-in features support group blogs and wikis as collaborative spaces for learning. In addition, file sharing tools allow groups to post and share information.

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