Engineering Materials

Feb 28, 2023
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The subject on Engineering Materials is given utmost priority in Elumalai Polytechnic College, Villupuram campus. They refer to the group of materials that are used in the construction of manmade structures and components. The primary function of an Engineering Material is to withstand applied loading without breaking and without exhibiting excessive deflection. They include metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites.

The Students of Elumalai Polytechnic College, Villupuram, are taught about the properties of the materials used in manufacturing. These include strength, density, toughness, ductility and resistance to fatigue. Alloys are generally harder, stronger and resist corrosion better than pure metals.

Metals, ceramics, glass, and even the screens on mobile phones that we used every day are all related to material science. The syllabus taught at Polytechnic College in Villupuram emphasizes material science as a research field focusing on the preparation and processing of certain materials and the interaction between their microstructure and macrostructure.

In our Elumalai Polytechnic  College, Villupuram , the students learn about the materials and expertise themselves to almost every industry around the world, from mining and manufacturing to aerospace, advanced electronics and healthcare. Their work impacts the economy, the environment, our health and quality of life, our standard of living, transportation and safety.


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