Dec 01, 2022
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The art or process of capturing images, either on light-sensitive film or electronically in digital form, from which viewable pictures can be produced by someone who uses a camera is called Photography.

It requires photography skills to capture a best photograph.Photography skills refer to the set of skills that you need to capture and produce high-quality photographs. Photography skills include  creative skills you need to capture unique photographs and also the technical skills necessary to operate camera equipment and edit photos after taking.

Because of the increased demand for professional-quality photography. Photography skills are increasingly valued by companies, only to enhance their marketing efforts. Practicing your photography skills can help you improve your abilities over time to achieve your professional and personal goals and stand out from other candidates.In Elumalai Polytechnic college the department of 3D Animation and Graphics has started a Photographic Club to motivate the students to improve their creativity and photograhic skills.Various techinique in photography are taught as a addition to the curriculum to improve their way of taking high quality images.

Our polytechnic photograpic club members irrespective of departments are give inhouse training programme to develop their skills in photography. Most trending in latest photography methods is Mobile photography, It is the art of photography using a smartphone or mobile device.Mobile photography is the process of capturing an image of a moving or a stationary object in a single frame with the camera of a mobile or a smart gadget. Polytechnic students who are members of the photographic club are taught techniques in taking Mobile Phone Photography.Polytechnic students are given small ideas and task to develop and implement their skills in photography.

Taking beautiful photos is not a skill reserved only for professionals, especially nowadays with all the technologies that are more accessible to amateurs and people that have passion for photography, but are far away from professionals.

Regardless of ambition and goals, having a solid foundation of the main concepts of photography is fundamental for getting a great “professional” picture.Our photographic club motive is to create in students a creative professional picture of the work they do. In Elumalai Polytechnic Photographic club we know very well the importance of formation and this is why we train all our photographers before they start. Our intensive photography training are mainly focused on the introduction to photography and basic concepts to be applied in the field of modern photography.Learning photography is an art that will enable the students to develop their thinking and buid a extra skill to see the world from different perspectives.

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