World First Aid Day

Dec 26, 2022
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The second Saturday of September is designated as World First Aid Day. This day is observed to increase public awareness of how first aid can save lives. This year, World First Aid Day was celebrated on September 10. In our Elumalai polytechnic College World First Aid Day was celebrated very grandly. The programme was organised by the Youth Red Cross and RRC (Red Ribbon Club) the Physicians from ES Hospital were invited to address the students about the importance of  First Aid.

Every individual must know how to perform basic first aid. Furthermore, being cognizant of what needs to be done during a medical emergency is always a plus. First aid is an emergency treatment given to an injured person until proper medications and assistance can be offered.

During the First Aid awareness Programme held at Elumalai Polytechnic College more than 200 students participated. The need to know the basics of First Aid was taught to the students. Some major benefits discussed with the students were

  • First Aid Can Save a Person’s Life
  • First Aid Relieves Pain
  • First Aid Prevents Infection & Its Chances
  • First Aid Keeps Children Safe
  • First Aid Reduces Recovery Time

The Medical team from ES Hospital gave a demo on a few first-aid methods to be done during  the situations like

Electric shock (domestic)-

  • don't go near or touch the person until you're sure the electrical supply has been switched off
  • -once the power supply has been switched off, and if the person isn't breathing, call for medical help


  • - Once the person is on land, if they're not breathing, open the airway and give five initial rescue breaths before starting CPR.
  • - If the person is unconscious but still breathing, put them into the recovery position with their head lower than their body and phone an ambulance immediately.


  • - If the person is unconscious, has difficulty breathing, or is bleeding severely, these must be dealt with first, by controlling the bleeding with direct pressure and performing CPR.
    -If the person is conscious, prevent any further pain or damage by keeping the fracture as still as possible until you get them safely to a hospital.

Heart attack

  • -Sit the person down and make them comfortable.
  • - If the person deteriorates and becomes unconscious, open their airway, check their breathing and, if necessary, start CPR.


  • - Find out what's been swallowed, so you can tell the paramedic or doctor.
    - Do not give the person anything to eat or drink unless a healthcare professional advises you to.
    - Do not try to cause vomiting.
    - Stay with the person, because their condition may get worse and they could become unconscious

Students were asked to do a repetition of the first aid taught to them during the programme.The programme was very useful to the students as to create awareness and emphasize the value of first aid as an act of humanitarian empowerment.


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